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21st International Conference on Information Fusion - 10 - 13 July 2018

Studying at Cambridge


Organising Team


General Co-Chairs:

Professor Simon Godsill, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Lyudmila Mihaylova, University of Sheffield, UK

Professor Simon Maskell, Liverpool University, UK

Finance Chair/Treasurer:

Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan, University of Sheffield, UK

Programme Co-Chairs:

Dr Wolfgang Koch, FKIE, Germany


Dr Sumeetpal Singh, University of Cambridge, UK

Technical Co-Chairs:


Professor Uwe Hanebeck, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Dr Stefano Coraluppi, Systems & Technology Research, USA

Dr Roy Streit, Metron, USA

Dr Benjamin Noack, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Publication Co-Chairs:

Professor Peter Willett, University of Connecticut, USA

Dr Roland Hostettler, Aalto University, Finland






Dr Daniel Clark, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Academic Co-Chairs:

Professor Murat Efe, Ankara University, Turkey

Dr Simon Julier, University College London, UK

Professor Xiao-Rong Li, University of New Orleans, USA

Professor Jonathon Chambers, Newcastle University, UK

Tutorials Chair:

Professor Simo Särkkä, Aalto University, Finland

Special Session Chairs:

Professor Gustaf Hendeby, Linköping University, Sweden

Professor Thomas Schön, Uppsala University, Sweden

Awards Co-Chairs:

Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom, University of Conneticut, USA

Professor Fredrik Gustafsson, Linköping University, Sweden



International Liaison Chair:

Dr Le Yang, Jiangnan University, China

Conference Secretariat

Event Team
University of Cambridge




The International Conference on Information Fusion is the premier forum for interchange of the latest research in data and information fusion, and its impacts on our society. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to report on the latest scientific and technical advances.

The 21st FUSION conference will be hosted by the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and held in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Located near the centre of this historic and ancient university town, the colleges, King’s College Chapel, the River Cam and the Grantchester Meadows are all within easy walking distance and a must-see for visitors to Cambridge.

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