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21st International Conference on Information Fusion - 10 - 13 July 2018

The Fusion 2018 Organizing Committee welcomed proposals for Special Sessions on the theory and application of information fusion. Of particular interest were proposals that address “breaking news” research or topics that may be difficult to categorize for the regular sessions. 

Special Sessions will include those listed below. Full information on each session is given here.

  • Advanced Nonlinear Filters
  • Advances in Distributed Kalman Filtering and Fusion
  • Advances in Motion Estimation using Inertial Sensors
  • AI enabled FUSION for Federated Environments
  • Big Data Fusion and Analytics
  • Context-based Information Fusion
  • Directional Estimation
  • Evaluation of Techniques for Uncertainty Representation
  • Extended Object and Group Tracking
  • Forty Years of Multiple Hypothesis Tracking
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Information Fusion in Multi-Biometrics and Forensics
  • Intelligent Information Fusion and Data Mining for Tracking
  • Lower Bounds for Parameter Estimation and Beyond
  • Multi-layered fusion processes: exploiting multiple models and levels of abstraction for understanding and sense-making
  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Navigation and Localisation
  • Novel Information Fusion Methodologies for Space Domain Awareness
  • Physics-based and Human-derived Information Fusion
  • Remote sensing data fusion
  • Semi-supervised/unsupervised learning-based state estimation
  • Sensor, Resources, and Process Management for Information Fusion Systems
  • Situational Understanding Through Equivocal Sources
  • Towards a Battlefield IoT: Information Challenges and Solutions
  • Uncertainty, Trust and Deception in Information Fusion


Special Session Chairs

Professor Gustaf Hendeby, Linköping University, Sweden
Professor Thomas Schön, Uppsala University, Sweden

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