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21st International Conference on Information Fusion - 10 - 13 July 2018

Studying at Cambridge


Tutorial Programme

The tutorial programme on Tuesday 10 July will provide overviews of the state of the art in the particular sub fields of Information Fusion. This programme will be useful to newcomers to the Information Fusion community to learn about the research achievements of the particular areas, as well as to currently active Information Fusion researchers who may be interested in widening their areas of research interest.

Tutorials will include those listed below. Information on each tutorial is given here.

  • 1. Active Authentication in Mobile Devices: Role of Information Fusion
  • 2. An Introduction to Track-to-Track Fusion and the Distributed Kalman Filter
  • 3. Analytic Combinatorics for Multi-Object Tracking and Higher Level Fusion
  • 4. Data Fusion for the Internet of Things
  • 5. Extended Object Tracking: Theory and Applications
  • 6. Groups and Crowds: Dynamics Modelling, Tracking and Analysis. State-of-the-Art Approaches and Beyond
  • 7. Implementations of labeled random finite set multi-target filters
  • 8. Information Quality in Information Fusion and Decision Making
  • 9. Machine and Deep Learning for Data Fusion
  • 10. "Multi Source and Multi Modal Sensor Fusion Strategies and Implementations in the world of Autonomous Driving"
  • 11. Multisensor-Multitarget Tracker/Fusion Engine Development and Performance Evaluation for Realistic Scenarios
  • 12. Multitarget multisensor tracking: from traditional to modern distributed approach
  • 13. Multitarget Tracking and Multisensor Information Fusion
  • 14. Noise Covariance Matrices in State Space Models: Overview, Algorithms, and Comparison of Estimation Methods
  • 15. Object tracking, sensor fusion and situational awareness for assisted- and self-driving vehicles: Problems, solutions and directions
  • 16. Overview of High-Level Information Fusion Theory, Models, and Representations
  • 17. Statistical Methods for Information Fusion System Design and Performance Evaluation
  • 18. Subjective Logic Trust Fusion and Bayesian Reasoning
  • 19. Tracking and Sensor Data Fusion - Methodological Framework and Selected Applications

Tutorial Chair: 

Professor Simo Särkkä, Aalto University, Finland


For general event information contact 

Download a copy of the Call for Tutorials



The International Conference on Information Fusion is the premier forum for interchange of the latest research in data and information fusion, and its impacts on our society. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to report on the latest scientific and technical advances.

The 21st FUSION conference will be hosted by the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and held in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Located near the centre of this historic and ancient university town, the colleges, King’s College Chapel, the River Cam and the Grantchester Meadows are all within easy walking distance and a must-see for visitors to Cambridge.

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